The Legacy Mastermind

Do Not Allow Another Moment To Slip Away

  • A 12-Month Program focused on Communication, Personal Growth and Leadership
  • Live Teaching Calls With Questions and Answers Session
  • Access to Recorded Calls
  • Access to a Community of Leaders
  • Network with Like-Minded Individuals
  • Learn from Top Executives from Multiple Industries
  • Live Support
  • Develop Strategies to Grow Your Leadership

Featured Leaders

Michael is a leadership coach in business. For many years he struggled to get his message and business ideas out into the world. His frustration led him to become a student in leadership, communication and business building. His ability to combine the best fundamental principles in each category, paved the way for Michael to build his business to uncommon growth. Although he’s had a lot of success, it wasn’t enough for Michael. His genuine passion and charisma to see people and organizations win in the marketplace has been his driving force to become an expert in his craft. He now spends his time consulting for individuals, businesses, and organizations across the country.

What You Can Expect To Learn:

  • How to Expand Your Leadership.
  • The Methods of Leadership That Emerging Leaders Are Using to Change Their Industry.
  • How to Use Your Network To Grow Your Income.
  • How to Master the Art of Communication.
  • How to Find People For You To Lead.
  • The Most Powerful Strategy on Utilizing Your Potential To Maximize Your Effectiveness.
  • How to add your potential to those around you.
  • Plus… much more!

What Makes This Training Program Different?

  • We deliver PURE strategy and leave out the “Hype” and common sense stuff you already know.
  • We create an environment for you to LEARN and NETWORK with other affiliates.
  • We give you POWERFUL tools and material that you can take home and use right away!
  • At our events we focus on content that will bring you REAL RESULTS!

Individual Registration $299


Individual Registration $80 Every 3 Months

4 Payments

Individual Registration $30 For 12 Months

12 Payments

Additional benefits of the program:

  • One VIP ticket to one of our live events (for enrolled participants). Up to five tickets for companies.  (Valued up to $100 per ticket)
  • One (1) one-on-one 30-minute call at the 6-month mark of the program where we assess your progress. Five (5) one-on-one calls for companies. (Valued at $250 per call)
  • Quarterly video trainings (Valued at $2,500 per training)
  • VIP access to any virtual mastermind we host.  (Valued at $99 for individuals and $1999 for companies)